Paliokaliva Village offers an affordable base for relaxing holidays for families and couples. just 250 metres from the nearest mini market, 800 m  from Bouka beach  and 1 km from Tsilivi resort where one can enjoy the various restaurants and bars there as well as any shopping to be done.
DISTANCES from Paliokaliva
  • 800 m Nearest beach
  • Mini market 250 m
  • 6km of Zakynthos city center
  • 6km from Zakynthos port
  • 9km from Zakynthos International Airport
  • Bus Station 250m
  • Nearest ATM 1 km
  • Nearest pharmacy 1 km
  • Waterpark 1 km 
  • Tsilivi resort 1 km

A bit of info about Zante and the Culture

Nowadays internationally often called “Zante”, 
Zakynthos is often referred to as the flower of the East, a name that arose from the Venetian occupation they called it “Fioro di Levant as there are over 7,000 species of flora.
An island full of contrasts, Zakynthos has an abundance of pine tree covered mountains and fertile plains. In the north, east and south numerous picturesque beaches can be found, whereas in the west the imposing, rocky landscape with sea caves.

Τhe third largest island of the Ionian , it’s  geographical position ensures easy travel to neighboring islands and even the mainland of Greece. The city of Zakynthos is the island’s capital as well as the  port which  has a ferry line  connecting to the port of Kyllini on the mainland. A short journey across the Peloponnese brings one to the ancient city of Olympia, and then onto to Athens. Another ferry connects the village of Agios Nikolaos (Zakynthos) to Argostoli on Kefalonia.

Culture & People
Zakynthians are a happy positive people with huge appreciation for culture and the arts and take great pride in Zakynthian hospitality and their heritage.
Agriculture and farming is still a huge part of life which makes them even more down to earth. The primary agricultural products are olive oil, currants, grapes and citrus fruit. The Zante currant is a small sweet seedless grape which is native to the island.

The island has a wealth of history as for many centuries it was the crossroads for numerous nations and cultures. On the island, all the forms of art were cultivated and developed. Music flows through the people of Zakynthos. During the Venetian occupation, the art of serenades wat cultivated on Zakynthos, and is still maintained today and they are called KANTINADES.Today Zakynthos is one of the most significant cultural centres in Greece. 

Visitors can also enjoy:
  • Solomos Museum 
  • Post Byzantine Art Museum 
  • Helmis Natural History Museum 
  • Wine Festivals 
  • Theratre productions 
  • Various singers perform concerts in summer at the open air theatre
  • St. Dionisios Celebrations -Twice a year the Zakynthian people hold celebrations to honor the Patron Saint of the Island of Zante, Saint Dionisios. The summer celebration is the biggest, taking place on the 24th of August every year.

Must See and Do

The Solomos Square 
-  the church of the patron-saint St Dionysios.
- St  Marks square. 
- Alexandrou Romas street for shopping, starting at St  Marks square running along almost the whole town. This street has been the main commercial center of the city for centuries.
- The Venetian Castle situated in Bohali

The protected loggerhead sea turtle- Caretta Caretta has become an endangered species, A lovely excursion for the whole family and nature lovers.

It encompasses the marine area of the Bay of Laganás, Finding refuge in the  Bay  is actually a matter of survival for this beautiful but critically endangered species Caretta Caretta. It is also  home to the endangered Sea daffodil (Pancratium maritimum) and submerged reefs as well as hundreds of species of flora and fauna, some of which are of great importance. A resident population of the critically endangered species the Mediterranean monk seal monachus monachus  protected on the west coast of Zákynthos.

Excursions to the caves are organized. Often these trips include:
Turtle Spotting  if youre lucky enough to see them , sunbathing on the island Marathonissi
Keri caves are smaller than the Blue Caves on the north of the island, they are closer (no need to travel to the northern villages to get to the caves if you don’t want to venture that far), and of course they too are absolutely magnificent.
Voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world this is a must see!
Why is it called Shipwreck beach? The ship Panagiotis apparently ran aground after authorities had given chase to arrest the crew for transporting contraband  in 1980 and it has remained there ever since. You might not believe it, but the colours of the photos are actually not retouched it is a sight to behold.  You can visit either from the view point at the top of the mountain by car or by boat and actually visit the beach.

Excursions to the caves are organized.
They are also known as the blue caves of Volimes, where they are located, only accessible by the boat. Striking blue of the waters ,swimming in the caves is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity there is beauty that is difficult to imagine unless you see it for yourself!


A rural mountain village approx. 16 km from Zakynthos Town with some houses dating back to the 16th century In this village there is also the Women's Agricultural Cooperative and various shops selling traditional fare. 
Just above the Navagio bay. The village keeps its traditional architecture with charming old houses, white washed walls, and local stores selling agricultural and other products, especially honey, olive oil and traditional handwork. Close to the village is the monastery of Anafonitria, built in the 15th century.
Monastery of St.Georgios Krimnon

Monastery of Yperagathos
The monastery (Anafonitria)
Neighbouring Limnionas via the village of Agios Leon it is a cove with wild  rocky areas and a diving spot for the brave with deep turquoise crystal waters that are refreshingly cool and rejuvenating , there is a taverna and sun loungers along the rocks that belong to the café…well worth a day trip.
You will be stunned by just how lovely it is
It has crystal clear water rocks, forming interesting caves and sights.The sunset on this side of the island is amazing!There are only rocks, no beach
There's a taverna at the top of the cliffs and steps leading down to old boat houses which double as sun loungers. well worth a day trip


gaidaros beach
Beach: Sandy/pebbles
The water is shallow, warm and crystal clear. It is well organized with sun beds and umbrellas and water sports.

Amboula / psarou
Beach: Sandy
Clear blue water is the perfect spot for sunbathing and relaxing during the day. The waters are crystal clear, soft sand and the bay is surrounded by nice greenery , mostly frequented by families with children. The water is shallow, perfect for children
Tsilivi Beach
Beach: Sandy
Tsilivi is one of the most frequented beaches on Zakynthos. There are sunbeds in front of hotels and cafes and a few lively beach bars that offer an entertaining atmosphere. The waters are shallow so they are ideal for small children. There are also many water sports you can try like windsurfing, water skiing, banana, pedal boats, jet skiing, paragliding.
Makris gialos
Beach: Pebbles
Crystal waters, ideal for snorkeling. Quite deep. If you enjoy snorkeling and diving, you can take one of the frequent tours to the nearby Blue Caves. There are a few umbrellas for hire and the beach itself is quite small so arrive early to get a spot it is well worth the visit as the waters are fantastically refreshing.

Beach: Sandy
A dreamy gulf surrounded by natural beauty a point of attraction not only for summer travelers but also for the protected Caretta-Caretta sea turtles. 

Agios Nikolaos
Beach: Sandy
A magnificent sandy by that is named after the little church on the rocks of St Nicholas.
One of the liveliest beaches. Lots  of water sports and beach games can be enjoyed here such as beach volley ball and this beach is also well frequented by locals and is ideal for families and youth. Sunbeds and umbrellas occupy the biggest part of the beach. 

Marathia beach
Beach: pebbles
This beach is popular but never feels overcrowded. This wonderful pebbled beach offers a spectacular rocky landscape that captivates visitors as there are no beach bars or tavernas, so it is really tranquil. It is a beautiful, pebbly beach with clean deep water.
Xigia beach
Beach: pebbles
Unique on the island due to the water having high a therapeutic sulphur content, The Sulphur comes from a nearby cave and this beach is a great place for anyone with aches, pains and arthritis to bathe as the sulphur in the water aids ailments and has restorative healing properties. The water is quite deep and rather cold (because of the cliffs and depth of water -Perfect for a natural spa day!
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